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KY-ASAP was created 2000 by the General Assembly to promote the reduction of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Kentucky by working with communities to help them identify existing needs and resources.

The Clark County ASAP Board was established in 2004.  Following an extensive needs assessment of the community, CC-ASAP is charged with identify gaps in needs and services and developing strategies to best utilize existing resources. They also work to secure new resources to sustain existing initiatives and create new opportunities while providing critical substance abuse prevention and treatment services to the community. Board membership includes representatives of local civic groups, school system, law enforcement, health department, family resource centers, treatment facilities, community leaders, drug court coordinators, and concerned citizens.

The success of this strategy lies in:

    Engaging all stakeholders in planning at the community level

    Assessing community resources and needs

    Assisting in the coordination of strategies


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